"To touch is to know"
"To touch is to understand"
"To touch is to live"
"To touch is to be"
"To touch is to heal"

Grandfather - 1958-1965

Tracker Affiliates

Children of the Earth Foundation

It is our mission to ensure the survival of future generations by guiding youth and community to a pure connection with the Earth.

It is our vision that the arts of tracking and nature awareness through wilderness survival continue to live on into future generations. We recognize that the future of this Earth lies in the hands of the Children of the Earth. We will be a light on this path by bringing these skills and experiences to schools and programs everywhere.

Website: COTEF.org

Simon Paul Harrison

Former Director of the Children of the Earth Foundation

Website: SimonPaulHarrison.com

4 Elements Earth Education

Rick Berry's California based survival, tracking, and nature awareness school! Rick is also a former director of the Children of the Earth Foundation.

Website: 4eee.org

Medicine Waters Conservancy

The Medicine Waters Conservancy's vision is to ensure the preservation of lands throughout the Pine Barrens of NJ, especially those areas used and loved by Grandfather, Tom Brown Jr. and the thousands of Tracker School students who have learned and grown so much there. The Conservancy focuses not only on preservation of these lands but in restoring a healthy ecosystem, repairing damage that has taken place through human misuse and preventing future misuse.

Website: MedicineWaters.org

Tracker SFI

Tracker SFI integrates the science and art of primitive tracking techniques with modern standards of professionalism to deliver high-quality tracking services.

Website: TrackerSFI.org

EarthHeart Institute

Vision Quests, Spiritual Retreats, Women's Retreats, Yoga & Meditation, Personal Intensives

Website: Earth-Heart.net

Earthwalk Northwest

Frank & Karen Sherwood's School of Primitive Living Skills.

Website: EarthWalkNorthwest.com

Grandmothers Council

International Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers.

Website: GrandmothersCouncil.org

Of The Field

Linda Runyon's website. Linda teaches wild edible and medicinal plants. She homesteaded in the Adirondacks for years, as a vegetarian- enough said!

Website: OfTheField.com

Wilderness Awareness

School in Washington founded by Jon Young, Tom's first student.

Site: WildernessAwareness.org

Rosemary Gladstar’s Herbal School

Website: SageMountain.com