".... Awareness is a Power, a Place, a State of Being and a Consciousness -
Most of all it is a Sacred Temple...."

Grandfather - 1962

Tracker School Instructors

The Tracker School instructors come from a long line of nature lovers and practitioners of primitive skills who themselves were tracker students at one point and for many years. The Tracker School does not believe in bringing in individuals from outside the Tracker tradition. Tom demands the highest level of dedication and mastery of skills from anyone even wanting  to be considered for a teaching position.

Frank Sherwood

Frank grew up hunting and fishing in the Northwest. He has a recreational leadership degree and specializes in teaching bow making, traditional tanning, and wilderness survival courses to a diversity of students, including military, law enforcement agencies, the Boy Scouts, and children. To keep current with his own level of expertise, Frank has studied with some of the leading primitive technologists in this country including Steve Allely, Errett Callahan, Jack Cresson, Jim Hamm, Dan Stueber, and Charles Worsham. Frank's mastery of skills, and his ability to help others master skills of their own, makes him a unique and effective professional.  Frank has served as an instructor here at Tracker School on the East Coast for over 15 years.

Carmen Corradino

Carmen Corradino began practicing the skills passed on by Stalking Wolf at the age of 14.  She incorporated the skills into her studies at College of the Atlantic where she earned her degree in Human Ecology. There, she did her senior project on wilderness survival, as well as a tracking internship with Maine Fish and Wildlife monitoring lynx populations and an independent study in tracking.  She worked at Coyote Tracks for 3 summers, working with youth, teens, and parents, teaching wilderness skills, tracking and awareness.  She was a caretaker at the Tracker School for a year and a half, after which she was hired as an instructor in 2009.  She is a certified herbalist and leads plant walks year round.  She continues to live in the primitive shelter she occupied as caretaker, along with her husband, Matt.

Matt Corradino

Matt Corradino has been working on primitive skills since before he took the Standard Class in 2000.  Since then, he has dedicated most all of his free time to practicing all aspects of Grandfather's teachings.  He  taught  Coyote Tracks programs for years in addition to teaching for other wilderness programs for kids, and when not teaching could be found in the woods somewhere nearby where he was living in Virginia.  After an internship in 2003 and a caretakership in 04-05, as well as taking and volunteering at many classes both at Tracker and numerous other schools, Matt was hired in 2007.  Since being hired, he has lived in a primitive shelter year round and continues to work towards mastering everything that Stalking Wolf taught.

Bill Marple

Bill has been an avid outdoorsman for his entire life. Throughout his lifetime, he has sought out wilderness environments in different areas of the globe, taking him to various parts of Alaska, southern Africa, the Brazilian Amazon, the Peruvian Amazon, the Peruvian Andes, northern and southern Japan, and the Australian outback. After 8 years of service in the Marines, Bill finally decided to pursue his love of wilderness in a more complete way through the study of tracking and wilderness survival. He began his work in this area by completing an internship at the Tracker School directly after completing military service. Since then, Bill has devoted himself to the study of tracking and survival. It is his hope that the art and science of tracking can be put to use in a practical way in society to help find those who have become lost, and to help train others in these skills.

Karen Sherwood

Karen is a Northwest native who grew up studying the flora of the Pacific Northwest. While studying at the University of Washington, she was hired by Tom Brown Jr. to develop and expand the wild foods curriculum for the Tracker School. Karen gained a strong understanding of traditional uses of wild plants while teaching here.  In addition to her botany background, Karen also spent many years in search and rescue, fine tuning her wilderness survival skills. To balance her expertise, she also teaches utilitarian uses of plants, including cordage and natural plant dyes. Her professionalism and credibility are enhanced by a special gift for helping students become confident and comfortable with harvesting and using plants.

Malcolm H. Ringwalt, M.A.

Malcolm Ringwalt is the Founder and Director of the Earth-Heart Institute of Vision and Healing (since 1985). He runs vision quests, advanced quest-related programs, spiritual growth retreats, and personal intensives at locations nationwide.

In addition to his Earth-Heart programs, he also teaches the Philosophy courses with Tom Brown Jr. at The Tracker School, and is on the Board of Directors of The Medicine Waters Nature Conservancy. Malcolm is available for short-term counseling and phone consultations through his private practice in the Los Angeles area.