".... Everyone and everything are my teachers...."

Grandfather - 1959

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Your journey starts with either the Standard or Philosophy 1 course.

Philosophy 1
Learn to survive in any environment lavishly. You will learn how to build a primitive shelter, find water, make a bow drill fire and find food. Learn from folks for whom wilderness survival is not just a hobby but a way of life.

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Upcoming Courses:

Jul 10 - Jul 16, 2022 | New Jersey | $900

This course puts all of your existing skills to the test by recreating the Apache Scout experience. You will live as the Scout did - travelling away from the "tribe" with little in the way of tools and equipment, gathering ...

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Prerequisites Advanced Standard, Advanced Tracking and Awareness

Keepers Gathering 2022
Jul 20 - Jul 23, 2022 | New Jersey | $150

This gathering is exclusively for members of Tom’s Keeper Society. You must be in one of the designated Keeper groups to enroll. We are hoping to see you all there...

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Prerequisites None

Jul 24 - Jul 30, 2022 | New Jersey | $900

This class is exclusively for members of the Apprentice Medicine Society. Now is the time for us all to lean on each other, help each other and heal each other.

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Prerequisites None

Philosophy 1
Aug 14 - Aug 20, 2022 | New Jersey | $900

Learn Stalking Wolf’s truly unique approach to spirituality. Tom’s mentor and spiritual grandfather travelled the Americas for six decades following his vision to find the common threads between the various philosophies and religions.

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Prerequisites None

Philosophy 2
Aug 21 - Aug 27, 2022 | New Jersey | $900

Building on the base of Philosophy I, this class will further expand your understanding of Grandfather”s worlds, and the importance of working and living within them on a daily basis. Group work and the sharing of results will ...

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Prerequisites Philosophy 1