"If you believe everything I'm telling you is true, then you are a fool."

Tom Brown, Jr. - 2010

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Your journey starts with either the Standard or Philosophy 1 course.

Philosophy 1
Learn to survive in any environment lavishly. You will learn how to build a primitive shelter, find water, make a bow drill fire and find food. Learn from folks for whom wilderness survival is not just a hobby but a way of life.

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Upcoming Courses:

Physical Spirit Session 23
Oct 14 - Oct 19, 2019 | New Jersey | $500

When I first began my Journey to the Spirit with Grandfather, he told me that we have a physical body, a physical mind, and live in a physical place, but we also have a spiritual mind, a spiritual body, and live in the place of spirit...

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Prerequisites Physical Spirit Session 22

Guardians of Ceremony Session 23
Oct 21 - Oct 26, 2019 | New Jersey | $500

I am deeply concerned that most of the ceremonies, customs, traditions, songs, chants, and prayers that Grandfather so painstakingly passed down to me will be lost if I don’t do something quickly...

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Prerequisites Guardians of Ceremony Session 22