".... You are not what you think, but what you Believe...."

Grandfather - 1958

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Your journey starts with either the Standard or Philosophy 1 course.

Philosophy 1
Learn to survive in any environment lavishly. You will learn how to build a primitive shelter, find water, make a bow drill fire and find food. Learn from folks for whom wilderness survival is not just a hobby but a way of life.

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Upcoming Courses:

The Way of the Ghost Talkers Session 32
Dec 13 - Dec 13, 2020 | Online (Info) | $100

The Way of the Ghost Talkers Commitment Class

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Prerequisites The Way of the Ghost Talkers Session 31

New Dawn
Dec 14 - Dec 18, 2020 | Online (Info) | $250

This is going to be a very unique class in that I’ve never before addressed the subject of what Grandfather said should take place after the “Collapse”...

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Prerequisites None

The Hidden Power Of The Spirit That Moves In And Through all Things
Jan 11 - Jan 15, 2021 | Online (Info) | $250

As many of you heard when you took the Emergency Preparation online class, Grandfather only began to expand on the power of “The Spirit” when I was 16 years old...

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Prerequisites Philosophy 1

Sign Tracking
Jan 16 - Jan 23, 2021 | Online (Info) | $250

When you look at the whole skill of tracking, we first see the art and science of reading and following tracks...

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Prerequisites Standard

Granfather's Philosophy on Medicine and Healing
Feb 22 - Feb 26, 2021 | Online (Info) | $250

Originally, I was going to make this class part of the online class on Grandfather’s Philosophy on Aging but right away I realized that it is far too much to try and dovetail it into the Aging class...

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Prerequisites None