".... You are not what you think, but what you Believe...."

Grandfather - 1958

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Your journey starts with either the Standard or Philosophy 1 course.

Philosophy 1
Learn to survive in any environment lavishly. You will learn how to build a primitive shelter, find water, make a bow drill fire and find food. Learn from folks for whom wilderness survival is not just a hobby but a way of life.

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Upcoming Courses:

Hunting, Trapping and Baiting Live from the Primitive Camp
Nov 18 - Nov 18, 2017 | Online (Info) | $125

A few years ago I did an intensive class shot live from the Primitive Camp dealing with “The Hidden Secrets of Fire” and followed by “The Hidden Secrets of Tracking”...

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Prerequisites None

The Radiant Touch
Dec 4 - Dec 8, 2017 | Online (Info) | $250

Yes, now is the time that I move Radiance in all of its forms to the next level...

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Prerequisites Standard, Philosophy 1

The Way of the Ghost Talkers Session 21
Dec 10 - Dec 10, 2017 | Online (Info) | $125

The techniques and teachings that I will be giving to you are essential in the fight against darkness in its many forms, especially in the new forms it will take in the coming year, and beyond to the Gates of the Red Skies...

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Prerequisites The Way of the Ghost Talkers Session 20

Transcending Crisis
Dec 11 - Dec 15, 2017 | Online (Info) | $250

Given all of the horrific unimaginable things we have gone through in the past few years, both on a global scale and a personal loss...

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Prerequisites None