".... If the 'end result' is empowered the journey there is empowered.... "

Grandfather - 1961

Scout Protector


Course Outline:

This class explores the role of the Protector through the perspective of the Scout. Various martial, awareness, mental, movement and psychological skills are learned and developed, with emphasis on their adaptation, regardless of the environment. The course includes lectures, physical instruction & exercises/missions. In an injury free and non-intimidating environment, you will learn and develop these effective skills throughout the week, as well as gain the tools to continue exploring and growing on your own.

The class is guided by the core philosophy taught by Grandfather to Tom and Rick - The Scout was that of a peacemaker, always the last one to pick up a lance. To quote Tom, "The martial and demanding physical fitness routines were not so much for war or fighting application, but it was a comfort to know that the ability was there if the need ever arose.”

As in all Tracker classes, this course is packed with a lifetime of usable information. At this class you will be exposed to a long term process of self-development and self-improvement. Success is not dependent upon physical strength and you do not have to be physically fit to attend this course.


East Coast = Tracker Primitive Camp, NJ

West Coast = Tribal Edge Land, Sequim, WA

Prerequiste: Scout

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