".... The power of prayer is unlocked by envisioned words of feeling from the sacred temples heart ...."

Grandfather - 1967

Beyond the Razors Edge


As many of you know, one of the most difficult challenges we face is trying to live a spiritual life while living and working within society. Tom has attempted to address this problem and some possible solutions in his Razor”s Edge class, but now he wants to take it to the next level. Unfortunately that next level is extremely difficult to achieve in a large class format. Instead, Tom will use the intimacy of a smaller Intensive class structure to provide the perfect avenue for this detailed and intense level of teaching. In this class you will explore that higher and more complicated level of balancing on the Razor”s Edge so that you will not need to forsake your spiritual self and Vision while trying to exist in the modern world. Often times we try to "fit in" our spiritual lives as time dictates, shifting back and forth between the physical and the spiritual, depending on which is more convenient. In this class you will learn to strike a balance between both worlds in a most effective and powerful way.
Prerequiste: Philosophy 1

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