".... You are not what you think, but what you Believe...."

Grandfather - 1958

Tom's Ultimate


The outline for this class is simple—there is none. That”s right, no regimented outline of instruction, no unifying theme; instead, the students pick what they want to learn. One day you may be studying concentric rings, the next, tracking, the next, survival and awareness, and the next, philosophy. You may wander through the Pine Barrens, visit old camps of Grandfather”s, or listen as Tom relates parables and stories at one of the many sacred sights in and around the Primitive Camp. Essentially, you will be taught just as Grandfather taught Tom, with no rush, no time schedules, and no restrictions. If you were to ask many of Tom”s past students, you would find that the Ultimate class is by far their favorite. Why the name "Ultimate"? Simply because this is a class that reaches everyone, no matter how many, or how few, Tracker courses you have taken in the past.
Prerequiste: Standard

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