".... Everyone and everything are my teachers...."

Grandfather - 1959

Awareness 1


Grandfather considered awareness to be not only the most important physical skill that one could possess but he also said that it is one of the most important spiritual skills. I remember so vividly a conversation we once had where he was stressing the importance of awareness. Grandfather held the Vision that one day I would teach his skills and philosophy to the world and I would encounter people who would proclaim that they were healers, visionaries, and spiritual leaders. It was then that Grandfather said, "He or she who proclaims is not." This statement was followed by another and even more powerful statement when he said, "By their awareness be they jugged." These two statements confirmed my beliefs that Grandfather uplifted awareness to a far greater level than just that of the physical realities. To Grandfather awareness was the corner stone, the foundation, and the limitless power behind survival, tracking, The Way of the Scout, and most of all, The Way of the Spirit. Awareness I & II classes are very unique in many ways. Not only are they the foundation for all of the physical skills that Grandfather taught but also all of the Spiritual teachings as well. I look at these classes as the fulcrum, the balancing point, between the world of the physical and the world of the spiritual. To say that these two classes are unique would be a grossly severe understatement. The teachings, skills, and techniques taught in these two classes are not found in the main stream Tracker Classes in any way shape or form. To say they are similar to what is learned in the Philosophy Classes would also be a gross mistake, for the teaching of Awareness at this level is not even touched upon in any classes. This leaves me with a bit of a problem. In the past when I have run these two very special classes it was only open to those students who had taken the Advanced Tracking & Awareness Class or the Philosophy I Class, but these new Awareness classes have no prerequisites, except for the Standard Class.

I have not run these classes in several years and now that I have redesigned and rewritten these classes I am offering them again. For me, teaching is always an intense and deep learning process, and I often learn more from my students than they do from me. After all, Grandfather once said, "Everyone and everything are my teachers". Subsequently I am realizing that students can understand much more than I originally assumed and through the past several years I realize that I can begin these Awareness Classes far beyond the level of where the past Awareness I & II Classes had left off. The power and importance of these Awareness Classes are so overwhelming that I wish that I could offer them every year, just as I do with the Advanced Standard, the Advanced Tracking & Awareness, The Scout, and the Philosophy series, but that is just not possible given today”s expanded schedule.

In that these classes are so unique in format, skill, and teaching, there is no way I could ever adequately describe what would be taught. The realm of awareness lies between the world of the physical and the reality of spirit and becomes a bridge to both realities. It enhances all areas of Grandfather”s teachings and even reaches into the place of prophecy. If you liken all the physical and spiritual skills taught at the Tracker School as tools than Awareness would be considered the very "tool box" that holds all of these tools. That is how profoundly and deeply important these skills were to both Grandfather and me for they are the very foundation upon which everything else is built.
Prerequiste: Standard

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