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Grandfather - 1968

Forensic Investigation and The Way of the Tracker


If you think that Tracking and Forensic Investigation is all about helping law enforcement solve complicated crimes or find lost people through tracking and intense observation, you are sorely mistaken. Forensic Investigation through the mind of the Tracker is at the core, the essence, of not only tracking but also the fire and passion behind intense awareness and observation. Forensic Investigation takes one into the deepest and most expansive realms of awareness, the level of awareness that not only Grandfather lived but all Ancient Scouts, for it is the elements found in the mind of the Tracker and Forensic Investigation that is used in every area of life, both in and out of wilderness. The principals, skills, techniques, and ultimately the application of these ancient teachings and truths, are the foundation of all areas of life and living. For me they are the doorway to understanding the deeper spiritual realities and Visions of life, of discovery, of adventure, and a world only known to very few.

It was a horrific decision that I had to make when I cancelled out this year’s Search and Forensic Investigation class. Because of a strange set of circumstances that blindsided me, I had no alternative than to put the class off until sometime in 2017 if we are still able to hold classes. The sad thing is that I spent months of hard work reworking the class, adding greatly to what has been originally taught and I don’t want to see the new information set aside for a shadowy iffy future. The information is too essential, critical, and life saving to wait. Subsequently I want to take the new information that I was going to add to the Tracking and Forensic Investigation class and put it into the format of the Live On Line Class. This way, the teachings will not be put aside for a few years, but will be available to you right away.

As I said, this is not just about Tracking and Forensic Investigation but a new and higher level of awareness and more important, observation. This information and teaching has never been covered before and in saying so, that is the reason I feel an urgency to get it out to you and as quickly as possible. The teachings will reach into every level of your life both in and out of wilderness and add an entirely new dimension to your living, your safety, and the dark future we all face. I guarantee that you will be stunned and inspired by the teaching and it will transform your life to such a high level of awareness that it will hold you in awe. However, to get you there I need your full attention during this class. Exercises will have to be completed during the off time, and most of all, I need your continued feed back during and after the class.

The class will also be unique in that there will be several prerecorded videos that will be shot in the natural landscapes, several suburban/city environments, and accompanied by actual crime scene photos that will enable you to fully grasp the concepts, teachings and techniques that I am trying to teach. Also there will be added an extra session in June enabling me to assess the homework I will be giving you, answer your questions, and take you further in the Forensic arena of understanding. The extra session will be of no further cost to you. I find that meeting again with a class at a later date gives these techniques time to sink in and the experience that is so necessary to be in place before I can take you into the higher and more complicated realms of teaching.

The Class will run from Monday, April 27th through Friday, May 1st, live on line from 8:00 pm till 10:00 pm. Cost of class is $250.

Prerequiste: Standard

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