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Combat Awareness


For all of you who have been heavily involved in the past several live on line classes, especially those who have taken the Year of the Winter Kill class, you will understand me completely when I say that given the circumstances that have taken place in the past few weeks, we are basically at war. That is the only way I can look at the World situation now and the greater, fast accelerating, rate of collapse we all face. We are no longer following the old rate of collapse and decay that we have been going through for the past few years but everything has taken a marked increase in frequency and intensity for the bad, the horrific. The sheer horror I feel, for all of my Tracker Family members that must face this fast approaching threat, I am left with no choice but to hold this very special and deeply intense on line class that I simply call “Combat Awareness”.

The Combat Awareness class is like no other class you have ever taken before. It is not about the Critical Edge, Sensing Presence, the Felt Sense, or even remotely similar to Advanced Scout Awareness. This Awareness is unique and very special in its form and application, and its use is a necessary part of safely negotiating all of the pitfalls and traps that lay ahead for all of us. It is a different kind of awareness, a new and unique approach, deep, yet far reaching, demanding but also becoming effortless in the final analysis. I am left in a quandary, a paradox of emotion, for I am both excited to be finally able to teach this, but at the same time I am horrified that circumstances now demand that I have to teach this intense level of awareness. The class will take place this coming Saturday, February 28th from 1:00pm till past 5:00pm. Cost of class will be $100. This class will be open to all Tracker Students, Family and Friends. As with many of the classes taking place now we will meet again briefly live on line in June for a quick follow up with added teachings and exercises to better enable you stay safe as this year unfolds.

Prerequiste: None

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