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Preparing Children Family and Friends


The class is exactly as it says and so much more; preparing your children, family, and closest friends for the horrific events that will be unfolding not only in 2015 but also in the years beyond. There are ways, without coming right out and revealing your true motives and through the Coyote method of teaching, to reach and teach your children without frightening them. It will in fact uplift their confidence, not only in the event of an emergency or prolonged disaster but also in their school and play lives. I will teach you ways to teach them practical skills as well as the mental and emotional disciplines necessary to get through not only major disasters but also the many minor inconveniences they will face on a daily basis. I even go into the social games that are played around them, how to handle bullying, and a laundry list of other skills that will excite, inspire, and ultimately build your child’s confidence and resolve.

But the class goes much further than that, and also embraces the friends and family that are around you every day. I will especially focus on the skeptics, who are most often firmly locked in denial. I will teach you how to reach them and teach them as well as awaken them and inspire them to find their own survival instinct, both on the physical and spiritual levels. Here too, there is a way, and again that way is through the Coyote teaching, that you will learn how to get them thinking about survival using everyday skills that can be worked in without them knowing that they are actually being prepared for the collapse. I will also be addressing the concerns you have about elderly family members, or people with disabilities, that you may think could compromise your safety, only to find that these folks can become one of your greatest assets.

Class will begin on January 19th and run through the 23rd.

Open to anyone associated with the Tracker School, friends and family.

Prerequiste: None

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