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Grandfather - 1968

Teaching and Inspiring Children


One thing is for certain, and that is, it is getting more and more difficult to reach and teach children. With the pressures of school compounded with TV, video games, cell phones, and so many more forms of entertainment, it is difficult to get children away from those suffocating distractions, far less get them into the natural world. Yet, given the way that Grandfather taught Rick and myself, using the finest methods of “The Way of the Coyote” story telling, mythology, and many other ways, I’ve never taught, far less disclosed, I will teach you how to reach children of all ages and backgrounds. I will also teach you how to inspire them to a point where TV, video games, peer pressure, and all of the other distractions in their lives will become more of a form of punishment, than something they crave. As you learn these teaching methods and skills, you will watch your child grow, become inspired and in awe of the world around them.

The irony here is not only are these methods used to teach children but also adults. With just a slight variation or twist the teaching methods can be used to teach, inspire, and create a passion in people they never knew they had. Life for them will become richer and fuller, their awareness will increase markedly, and their entire world will change from the droll and habitual, to one of passion and a lifelong thirst for adventure and discovery. I think that you will be more than amazed at the way Grandfather and his people taught and guided their young, and the methods you learn can be so easily integrated into your life as a teacher.

Prerequisite: Open to everyone.

Prerequiste: None

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