".... You are not what you think, but what you Believe...."

Grandfather - 1958

Hidden Power of Sacred Spheres


This class will go deeper into the power and application of the Sacred Spheres that many of you learned about in various on line classes and in the Scout classes. In all of those classes I’ve only been able to scrape the surface of this very powerful and intense teaching. In fact, the Power of the Sacred Spheres is probably one of the most powerful tools Grandfather passed down to me. Here in this class I want to see how far you can go, pushing the outer limits of ones’ understanding to the point of failure.

Class will begin on March 23rd and run through the 27th.

Prerequisites include: Apprentice, Keepers of the Medicine Society, Way of the Visionary, or Philosophy 2.

Prerequiste: Philosophy 2 , The Way of the Visionary Online

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