".... The Sacred State of Awareness is not something to live part of the time or when need dictates....
Awareness is a way of life, a Philosophy unto itself, and must be lived Always...."

Grandfather - 1962

Emergency Protection


As so many of you heard during my emergency broadcast, I am running a follow up class. It is an emergency online class and the name says it all. Emergency Protection. This class will teach and inform you and your families, all about protection against disease and terrorism in all forms, which are the two main issues that most concern me now.

On October 26th 2014 from 1:00 pm to 6:00 pm I will be running this very important, emergency online class. I can’t stress enough how imperative this class will be to you and your family in the upcoming future. The cost of this class is $125 and a chat room will be set up and in operation to take your questions during the actual live presentation.

Prerequiste: None

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