".... Everyone and everything are my teachers...."

Grandfather - 1959

Expert Awareness


Like the Living with the Earth Class I have not run the Expert Awareness in Decades and now because of the influence of Grandfathers’ Prophecy and the conditions we face every day, running the class is now long overdue. The real Blessing about this Expert Level of Awareness, the same holds true of Expert Tracking, is that I now know, after decades of experimenting and teaching, what students can understand, learn, and embrace. This understanding has opened up for me a whole new realm of teaching and skills that I feel confident the student will thoroughly understand and integrate into their lives. None of these Expert teachings have ever been taught before and there is no review of anything learned in any of the classes, for it enters an entirely different and vastly unique level and realm of skill and understanding. I’m more than thrilled to be finally able to teach these very intense and extremely high level of skills.
Prerequiste: Advanced Tracking and Awareness

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