".... And your heart becomes the bridge, the doorway, the light...."

Grandfather - 1968

Living With The Earth


I have not run this class is 30 years and I’m so excited that it was finally voted back on the schedule, by the Elders and the Coyote Thunder Medicine Society that I am beside myself with anticipation. I absolutely love this class because it takes me into areas that I don’t ever get a chance to teach. This is not the “Long Term Survival or the Villages” classes but a class that stands on its own. It basically teaches the way that we can live in close harmony and balance with the Earth, no matter if we are living in the silence of the pathless wilderness or in the rush and din of the most congested cities in the world. The class deals with the often overlooked things, both large and small, that help us create a bond with the Earth and with each other.

The class takes us into skills that are very unique, some obscure but very important and profound in application and understanding. It enters the higher forms of pottery, baskets, arrows, stone working, sanitation, personal hygiene, primitive healing and first aid, advanced traps, trapping, baiting, hunting, invisible camouflage, shadow walking, ceremonial objects and practices, finer bow making, clothing and footwear, shelters, and countless other skills that only decades of experience can teach you if you were to learn on your own. This class is the refinement and expansion of all the skills that you have learned at the Tracker School and integrating them into a consciousness of living with the Earth in such a way that it becomes the “Garden of Eden” and not a place of struggle and pain.

Prerequiste: Standard , Philosophy 1

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