".... Awareness is a Power, a Place, a State of Being and a Consciousness -
Most of all it is a Sacred Temple...."

Grandfather - 1962

Deep Ceremony


The Deep Ceremony class is actually a broad term that Grandfather used to describe these very special and unique teachings. Ceremony, custom, tradition, and personal religion have only a small part to play in all of this, though it is through the Deep Ceremony that one can achieve and master the things that will be taught. Deep Ceremony is another higher and deeper level of understanding, fitting into the wisdom of Sensing Presence, the Sacred Silence, the Core Awareness, and so many other worlds of communication and physical manifestation of healing and the Visionary mind. Deep Ceremony takes us beyond the levels of all that you have learned in the Philosophy, Temples, and Spiritual Awareness, communication, and Healing classes, and introduces you to one of the most powerful, intense, and far reaching powers that Grandfather led us to. Once we reached into the worlds of Deep Ceremony suddenly all that we had learned came together and miraculously we went far beyond what we thought were the limits of all human and spiritual capabilities that we ever dreamed possible. It was one of the most enlightening journeys of my life and that journey continues to this very day.

The time is more than right for this very intense class, for we have run out of time, and we must embrace a new set of spiritual skills. These skills will bring us closer to the ultimate mastery that Grandfather hoped for. This is why the class can only be opened to the highest level Tracker Family Members

This class is open to all “active” members of the Keepers of the Wisdom Medicine Societies, the Apprentice Group, the Way of the Visionary Group, Philosophy II and above graduates, Advanced Scout graduates, and any student that has taken 8 or more on-line classes. I know that I have folks out there that do not meet these requirements, or are part of any group, but have dedicated themselves to Grandfathers’ Vision and the Way of the Spirit. I will deal with and address the admission to the class, as need dictates.

Prerequiste: Philosophy 2 , The Way of the Visionary Online

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