".... If the 'end result' is empowered the journey there is empowered.... "

Grandfather - 1961

Hidden Secrets of Tracking


Yes you read it right. I am embarking on a bold experiment and moving a Tracker Live On Line Class to a remote location away from the confines and limitations of the Tracker Studio. Not only will the location be from the Primitive Camp live but, added to the intensity of the location, I’m going to continue the highly successful “Hidden Secrets” series. As so many of you have heard, the Hidden Secrets Series have been among some of the most intense, far reaching, and highly advanced classes I have ever run either on line or in the physical format. Many of the techniques taught during these Hidden Secrets classes have been so highly advanced that I’ve even asked the students not to pass down any of the teaching, for fear that the power of Grandfathers’ Vision will be lost in the translation and transition.

On August 16th 2014 from 10:00 am to noon I will be running the remote live on line “Hidden Secrets of Tracking” workshop. If this series goes well, I’m going to then attempt several more of these remote live on line workshops throughout the year, moving to locations farther out and across the country. These Hidden Secrets classes give me the chance to teach the things that I do not have the time or space for during the normal main stream Tracker Classes, greatly expanding knowledge and technique beyond what you thought possible. This is truly going to be a very memorable experience, especially given the fact that a chat room will be set up and in operation to take your questions during the actual live presentation.

Prerequiste: Standard , Philosophy 1

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