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Grandfather - 1968



This class is designed to teach the 7 Sacred Healing Ceremonies that Grandfather used so often. Methods of using drums, rattles, flutes, songs, prayers and chants will be taught in combination with Sweatlodge and Pipe Ceremonies. As Tom”s ambition with this class is to pass these Ceremonies down in intimate detail so that they will not be lost to the future, you are encouraged to bring a tape recorder so that no detail will be lost.

**Please bring a bathing suit or other suitable clothing for the Sweatlodges** 30

This class will delve deeply into Grandfather”s world of healing, and will deal not only with the healing of people, but also the healing of the Earth. You will learn the proper manner in which to collect plants, the preparation of and intricate catalysts involved in Grandfather”s herbal mixtures, and many other preparations of ancient herbal and animal medicines. You will also learn about the spiritual aspect of the healing process through the addition of a higher dimension of Ceremony, Inner Vision, and Spiritual communication. No matter what level of the Philosophy classes you have completed, your knowledge and effectiveness as a healer will explode.

Prerequiste: Philosophy 1

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