".... And your heart becomes the bridge, the doorway, the light...."

Grandfather - 1968

New Awareness


The New Awareness class fits so well into the reality of the Ghost Scout, Shadow Warrior, and Survival Tracking class format. Given the "new enemy" or "Cloaked Darkness" that we are now facing there is not only an urgent need to learn how to avoid it and defeat it but to become aware of it in the first place. You can”t avoid or confront that which you do not see nor understand. Grandfather told me that these new enemies could not fully nor effectively be understood, avoided, or beaten using the skills of the Ancient Scout alone. Certainly these skills make a solid foundation for awareness but like Grandfather said, it is going to take much more than these ancient skills to live in the future. As I say to classes, "you may be able to tell through "Sensing Presence" that someone is watching you with the naked eye or through a telescope, but if there is just a camera and an electronic link to a monitor where someone is watching at best even Inner Vision would only give you an uneasy feeling. You need a different awareness, a different way of watching and understanding the vast horrific assortment of chemicals, electric components, radiation, and countless other hazards that await us now and in the future." In this class the New Awareness will take you to the highest levels of Awareness need to face the future and its many new forms of darkness.

Prerequisite; Standard or Philosophy I Please note, if you have Phil 1 but not Standard you must register through the office.
Prerequiste: Standard

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