".... And like the Sacred circle of life, the circle of the unseen, ancient, and eternal, without beginning or ending, is the power of the timeless circle of eternity."

Grandfather - 1964

Shadow Wars


This is one of those classes that is so difficult to describe and I have only presented this type of class once before in the 35 plus years that I have run the Tracker School. This is a severely Inner Vision directed class where it is your Inner Vision that decides if you should take it or not. The reason being is that I can tell you little about the class other than it deals with very dark issues and wars that we will encounter not just in the future but are actually experiencing now. It deals with the very hidden and secretive war that very few people will ever see but all will feel the deadly impact of that Shadow War.

Again, if your Inner Vision drives you to take this class then don”t miss it, but if it does not hit you on a deep visceral level then don”t enroll. The last thing that I need here in this live on-line class is a curiosity seeker. Like the last time I ran an Inner Vision Directed class, the students were shocked by what they were driven to by their deeper spiritual yearnings and needs.

Prerequisite; Philosophy I


Once again I must include a warning about all the upcoming live on-line classes in that they can be very disturbing. Given the nature of the topics being covered and the graphic images that will be shown I would not allow children to watch these programs or for that matter, sensitive adults. The topics and issues that I will be dealing with are horrific in nature but there is no other way I can convey the magnitude of what is coming nor train you properly by sidestepping these very sensitive areas.
Prerequiste: Philosophy 1

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