".... The accumulation of knowledge is not wisdom - only experience turns knowledge into wisdom...."

Grandfather - 1961

Ghost Scouts and Shadow Warriors


This is a very powerful way to begin the new year, especially facing the ever escalating horrors that face us as we near the End of Days. As Grandfather so often said, "there must arise a new Ancient Scout consciousness and skill to meet the demands of the new enemy and the cloaked darkness that lies ahead". What Grandfather was saying is that new Scout skills must be learned, embraced, and implemented if we are to win the battles and keep ourselves safe from the horrors of the future. He said that we would become the Grandfathers and Grandmothers of future mythology and teaching, for it is we that must face a new enemy that has never been encountered in the history of all of mankind. The Ancient Scouts never faced the things that we have to face today, from emerging afflictions caused by a vast chemical cesspool to high tech weaponry and surveillance systems. Even the physical landscapes of the world have drastically changed along with the internal landscapes of mans” consciousness.

It is here in this class that I will tech the New Scout Skills, skills that Grandfather defined as The Ghost Scouts and Shadow Warriors. These skills will help all of us face the many new threats and dangers that are lurking in both the very near and not too distant future. The class unlocks the secrets of a new form of Scout Skills on all levels from those of basic survival, to tracking, to awareness, and even to the very fabric of the Way of the Spirit that was central to the Scouts world and heart. Because the skills in this class are so unique and far different than what was learned in the Scout classes of the past this class will be open to anyone who has taken the Standard and the Philosophy I class. It is nothing like the normal Scout experience found in the mainstream Tracker classes.

Prerequisite; Standard and Philosophy I
Prerequiste: Standard , Philosophy 1

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