".... The power of prayer is unlocked by envisioned words of feeling from the sacred temples heart ...."

Grandfather - 1967

World Wide Safe Places


I know that this is a long awaited and much sought after class and it is now the time for its release. Yes, like all of the other classes on the fall and winter schedule, this is a big one. It is not just a long list of "Safe Places" to go to when the going gets tough but also a vast collection of insights, skills, and critical knowledge about the choice of these Safe Places. There is a reason that Grandfather chose these places, a formula that he followed, and it will not just cover the Safe Places found in North and South America but in fact cover the entire globe. Yet that is only a small part of what the class is all about for it will give detailed information and exact locations for these Safe Places and why they were chosen. Also included are the safest routes to them and why they were chosen as safe routes.

I wrote that these safe places and the routes to them follow a formula that Grandfather and the Elder lineage devised. It is my intent to teach you this formula as well as how to implement the formula into your life. Each of the safe places will be thoroughly discussed with a thorough outline of what to expect, the dangers both there at the safe place and the route to them, along with a detailed list of natural resources and techniques that fit the specific area to insure the long term survival of you and your loved ones. I will also rate the safe places and outline their hidden secrets, vulnerabilities, and the many reasons these places were chosen. Each of these safe places take into consideration the horrific events that will be unfolding in the very near future and how these places will protect you against these events.

Prerequisite; Standard or Philosophy I Please note, if you have Phil. 1 but not Standard you need to register through the office since the online system can”t recognize two prerequisites.


Once again I must include a warning about all the upcoming live on-line classes in that they can be very disturbing. Given the nature of the topics being covered and the graphic images that will be shown I would not allow children to watch these programs or for that matter, sensitive adults. The topics and issues that I will be dealing with are horrific in nature but there is no other way I can convey the magnitude of what is coming nor train you properly by sidestepping these very sensitive areas.
Prerequiste: Standard

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