".... The Sacred State of Awareness is not something to live part of the time or when need dictates....
Awareness is a way of life, a Philosophy unto itself, and must be lived Always...."

Grandfather - 1962

End of Days 2


During the live on-line class called End of Days that I ran last January I was only able to deliver about one third of the information that I had wanted. There was just not enough time to cover all of the pressing issues, expand on several of the areas, and also include the many other things that needed to be taught. In this second part of the End of Days class I want to further expand on the many things we talked about in the first class as well as include more detailed information and time frames to the upcoming probable future we all face. I know that through the past several months that many of you were very shocked and upset to hear of these prophecies and even more disturbing was that much of what I had said ultimately came true.

In this intense class I want to further discuss and expand the issues of emerging pathogens, the afflictions born of the vast chemical cesspool, the upcoming Earth upheavals and storms, wars and warlords, and a vast assortment of other topics especially focusing closely on the year ahead. I also intend to address the question of the year 2019 and what that year means to all of us and the fate of the world. I also want to address the concerns of preparation and add much to those things you have already learned. In this class I also intend to deal with the upcoming problems of food and water shortages, civil unrest, and emerging diseases that will contribute to those shortages we will face in the very near future as well as the conflict those shortages will generate both at home and abroad.

Prerequisite; Standard or Philosophy I Please note, if you have Phil 1 but not Standard you need to register through the office- the online system won”t recognize the prerequisite.


Included witall live on-line classes will be several prerecorded videos that will be shot during the day and available during the week of the broadcast. Also, after the classes are over there will be a follow-up video that will be available to you within a few days of the class ending. As with all live on-line classes these programs will be available to you for 30 days at which time they will then be transcribed to print and archived. I do not intend to release these programs again at a later date. If you miss any part or even all of a program it will remain available to you for those 30 days to view at your leisure. As you know I recommend that you view the programs several times to thoroughly understand and digest the information presented.


Once again I must include a warning about all the upcoming live on-line classes in that they can be very disturbing. Given the nature of the topics being covered and the graphic images that will be shown I would not allow children to watch these programs or for that matter, sensitive adults. The topics and issues that I will be dealing with are horrific in nature but there is no other way I can convey the magnitude of what is coming nor train you properly by sidestepping these very sensitive areas.

OF SPECIAL NOTE; Jorge”s long awaited and much anticipated "ESCAPE CLASS" will be running the same week as the "End of Days II" live on-line class. If you are enrolled in Jorge”s class you will also receive the End of Days II program as part of the class which will be available to you once you return home from the class. See side not for description and dates of Jorge”s Escape Class.
Prerequiste: Standard

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