".... Everyone and everything are my teachers...."

Grandfather - 1959

Online Journey Through Armageddon


This class answers many critical questions that will no doubt arise after the "Preparation" and the "Escape" classes and will deal with the journey ahead and the timeline of that journey. The "Escape" class that will run the weekend of March 24th and 25th picks up where the "Preparation" class left off. The "Escape" teaches what to do when the worst-case-scenario happens and one is forced to flee with their families to safety. The "Journey" teaches what to do after the "Escape", how to move, where to head, what will be encountered along the way, and what of Grandfather”s Prophecies will unfold as we make that "Journey through Armageddon". As Grandfather said, "we must move and live as the Ancient Scouts" and stay safely hidden along the many routs that the Journey takes us.

This class combines Grandfather”s Prophecies and warnings with the skills that you should master and the things that you have to know to get you through the horrific Journey that lies ahead. It covers areas of teaching that you have never imagined and illustrates clearly and precisely all those things that you desperately need to know to keep you and your loved ones safe. The class will run from May 7th through the 11th, with three of the five nights going into a two hour or more format. The cost of the class will be $300 and probably meet or exceed the hours of teaching of and intense two day weekend on-line program. The class will run from 8:00pm to 9:30 and 8:00pm to 10:00pm depending on the night. Tuesday through Thursday nights are the two hour broadcasts.

Prerequisite: Either Standard or Philosophy 1. If you have Phil 1 but not Standard, please contact the office to register.
Prerequiste: Standard

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