".... The Sacred State of Awareness is not something to live part of the time or when need dictates....
Awareness is a way of life, a Philosophy unto itself, and must be lived Always...."

Grandfather - 1962

Online End of Days


November 19, 2011

Hi Folks,

I know that the news blast I sent out the other day has both disturbed and frightened many of you and I sincerely apologize for the horrific message but I had no other choice. You all know that I am very reluctant to send out messages such as this, but I really had no choice because my Inner Vision was hammering me relentlessly, to a point where I couldn”t sleep and felt sick to my stomach for days. Every time I thought of the warnings of the "Solar Katrina", as they are calling it, I was growing even more uneasy and the urgency to contact you grew stronger and more nightmarish with every passing day. The last thing I wanted was to throw this at all of you especially with all of the horrible events taking place globally. You certainly didn”t need this piece of news to add to the nightmare we all face daily.

It was a very difficult for me to send out that news blast but like I said in my letter, if I didn”t send it I would be turning my back on you. I am praying that this does not amount to anything other than a few power outages and a little inconvenience but the Scout in me demands that I "prepare for the worst". I know if nothing happens I will certainly look like a fool and will have disgraced Grandfather”s Vision and teaching, but I am willing to take that chance. Far too much has fallen into place. When they discovered the second hole now over the Artic a few months ago, that brought to a close the Prophecy of "Holes in the Sky". Very few people realized that when Grandfather spoke of Holes it was in the plural sense, not singular, as in the hole over the Antarctic. With that Prophecy now closed we see the widespread discontent, demonstrations, increasing storms, and massive fear and unrest spreading at an alarming rate.

I am sorry to say that one person was enraged by my newsletter and horribly criticized me for being an alarmist. He even stated that all I want is to get more students into classes. For all of you close to me you know that this is far from the truth. I”m so overloaded with classes that I have to turn people away, not to mention that I am already working myself to death. As I said, I had no choice but to send you that newsletter for the driving, haunting forces of Inner Vision would not allow me to do otherwise. For the countless hundreds of you who have thanked me and given your support, healing and love, both Celeste and I sincerely thank you all from the bottom of our Souls.

With this written I now want to present to you an upcoming live online class series that will take place in January. Given the events of the past year with all of its Earth upheavals, earthquakes, tsunamis, civil unrest, financial collapse, wars, and horrific weather patterns, this class becomes the most important class I will probably ever run in my life. Its time is now, very urgent, and very important for all Children of the Earth. As I said in my newsletter, don”t let children watch because I don”t want to frighten them. The information will be very disturbing, frightening, and yet so important to you, your family, and all Children of the Earth. To me this will not just be a class, but an event. I pray that through the teachings that people will find hope and salvation from the darkness that lays in wait. Basically the title of the series says it all; "End of Days", that simple, but that profound.

During the live online class I will be joined by the Elders and several of the Grandfather”s Keepers that will assist me in answering your questions during the netcast. There will also be several prerecorded videos that will be aired just before three or four of the six night”s netcasts. These prerecording sessions will allow me to go on location and add even more information to the class. My brother Jim will also be joining me on two of the nights to speak about emerging pathogens and potential outbreaks of diseases not only for humans but also for both our crops and livestock. During those nights Jim is with me we will be teaching various precautions, survival techniques, and how to insulate oneself from these emerging pathogens. Not only will I be discussing the survival needs and techniques needed during these troubled times but I will also be detailing Grandfather”s prophecy that led me to this point and why I made my decision to run this class several years earlier than planned.

The "End of Days" live online class will run from the night of January 15th through the night of January 20th. (registration information below) Live programming will begin at 8:00 pm (EST) and end around 9:30 pm. The several recorded sessions I have planned will begin anywhere after 3:00 pm on the day of the broadcast. As always, if you miss part of the program or several programs they will be available to you on-demand so that you can view them when you are available. However, I have no plans to release these programs as an on-demand series at this time, for my plan is to put them in the archives when the program is over. I am limiting the number of students for this online series so that I can better answer all of the questions that will come in during the netcast. The past three online classes closed within four days of their release so I suggest that if you are interested in taking the class you register early. Cost of the series is $350. I hope to hell that I am wrong about all of this. In this case I don”t mind looking like a fool. I will not back down however, because I refuse to go against my Inner Vision. My only fear is that I disgrace Grandfather”s name and Vision because of my misinterpretation.

In love and Medicine,


End of Days

Online Class*

January 15th-20th, 2012

8:00 – 9:30 p.m. EST (live- so adjust for your time zone)

Prerequisite: Standard or Philosophy 1**

Cost: $350

*Make sure your internet connection is at least 300kbps. If you are

concerned about whether or not your internet speed is 300kbps or not, you can check it out here: http://www.speedtest.net.

** If you only have Philosophy 1 you cannot register online. To register please email Debbie@trackerschool.com.

-please note, the website has a new security certificate. There was a problem though because it only recognizes when you approach the site through trackerschool.com. If you type http://www.trackerschool.com/">www.trackerschool.com you will receive a security warning. Since our new website will launch soon we are not resolving this issue but please know the site is secure.
Prerequiste: Standard

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