".... If the 'end result' is empowered the journey there is empowered.... "

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Online Next 7 Years


The live on-line "The Next 7 Years" class is described in its title. This two day class will run from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm on Saturday, December 3rd and again on Sunday December 4th. This class was designed to not only be the foundation for the 10 day Prophecy Workshop running from December 8th to the 17th but to focus on what you must do to prepare for the next 7 years that lay ahead. Different from the 10 day Prophecy in that it focuses on the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual preparations one needs to embrace during the horrific years that lay ahead of us on both an individual basis and on a family level.

This program not only sets a firm foundation for the Prophecy Class that follows but gives you the spiritual background and tools needed to fully understand Jorge”s "Escape" classes coming up this spring. The information contained in this very intense two day on-line workshop are not found in either the Prophecy Class, the live on-line Prophecy Class, nor Jorge”s Escape Classes. The cost of the two day class is $300 and once again if any of the class is missed it will be available to you on-demand. However, like the Ceremony on-line class it will not be released on-demand after the live class is over.
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