".... The power of prayer is unlocked by envisioned words of feeling from the sacred temples heart ...."

Grandfather - 1967

Apprentice 2


This class is only applicable to the few select individuals that have taken the Apprentice I Class. As I told you all during the first gathering of apprentices that this would be an ongoing education and teach a broad spectrum of subjects that will never be taught in either the main stream Tracker classes nor the Keepers of the Wisdom Medicine Societies. The very sad thing is that this class is actually coming two years earlier than I had first envisioned because many of Grandfather”s prophecies and predictions have come to pass bringing us dangerously close to the dawn of the Red Sky. Now more than ever the teachings of Grandfather have to be passed down at even a faster rate than I ever imagined because of the magnitude and conditions that we will soon be facing. These teachings must become a light in the darkness and I am calling on all of you to harness their power, master these skills and spiritual teachings, and light the way so that others can find their way through the vile abyss that lies ahead.

In this second level of apprentice teachings the main focus will be on teaching, leading, and healing others. It will also deal with a detailed analysis and understanding of Grandfather”s prophecy and the time frame that it will follow. Here in this class we must also build a framework of communication among all of our members so that a more intimate and continual contact and education can be obtained. It is essential also that you understand the deep spiritual thread that runs through all of the physical, practical skills that Grandfather taught so that even the practice of survival, tracking, and awareness skills becomes a source of enlightenment and freedom. In this class and for the first time in a very long time I am going to permit you to bring your own recorders and even video cameras so that the vast amount of information passed down to you does not get lost or misunderstood. This class is going to amaze you because it now enters areas that are beyond explanation or comprehension until you experience them. Please do not miss this next level of education for our membership is very small and the need immense.
Prerequiste: The Apprentice Program

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