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Grandfather - 1968

10 Day Winter Survival and Skills


Certainly the winter months are the most difficult to enter a full survival situation and it subsequently takes years of experience to do so.In essence for that very reason the original Ten Day Winter Survival class was born, refining all skills, learning new skills, and mastering them all. This way the transition into the icy grip of winter becomes easy, effortless, and a journey back to the Earth.

The term "Winter Survival" is hardly enough to describe this class. Not only will there be a tremendous expansion of the basic survival techniques learned in the Advanced Standard Class but many new skills will be added. Several other advanced survival shelters will be taught, along with more primitive fire making techniques, 106 primitive traps, advanced tanning methods, advanced bows and arrows, advanced stone tools, advanced water baskets, birch bark canoes, rawhide kayaks, drums, flutes, rattles, advanced woodworking, bone working, atl-atl, sling shots, and countless more hunting techniques and hunting weapons. Along with those advanced skills are extremely advanced awareness and tracking techniques along with the skill of healing the Earth through our presence there. Most of all we bring back the old ways by living in group Earth-Fire shelters, clustered together like ancient community compounds, working skills and telling stories, just as life once was.
Prerequiste: Advanced Standard

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