".... The accumulation of knowledge is not wisdom - only experience turns knowledge into wisdom...."

Grandfather - 1961

Temples of the Soul


It was only a few years ago that I began to teach the Temples of the Soul class where instead of moving outwardly spiritually the student moved inwardly to a deeper sense of knowing and understanding. Though these Temple Teachings came in the later years, I’ve found that even without the foundation of a basic Philosophy Class, any student can understand, fully embrace and ultimately master these very powerful and life changing teachings. The Temples of the Soul was one of the most powerful and moving events in my life and a driving force that clarifies all other areas of the spirit and spiritual being.

Now that I have held several Temples of the Soul classes and integrated Temple teaching into several other classes it is time for me to further push the limits and take the student into new realms of understanding. For those of you who have had the Temples of the Soul class in the past this will be much like a Temples II or Temples III in its scope and content. Only about 10% of the class remains the same as I push beyond what I originally thought was the highest I could take someone. The resounding success of the Temples Classes has shown me that you can understand and master so much more and this is the class that will really open your eyes and heart.

Prerequiste: None

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