".... Awareness is a Power, a Place, a State of Being and a Consciousness -
Most of all it is a Sacred Temple...."

Grandfather - 1962



All of you are familiar with Jorge’s Escape class where he puts the student through an intense situation designed in a post apocalyptic world. In his past Escape classes he took the student into areas that we do not cover in the normal Tracker main line classes. He taught escape and evasion, camouflage, counter tracking, movement, wolverine fighting, city and suburban environments, firearms, traps, and a litany of skills that are absolutely staggering. Now in this new Escape Class I am going to join Jorge and expand on those previous teachings, redefining and intensifying them to the highest degree of proficiency possible. I also intend to add more spiritual teachings that apply directly to people, cities, suburbs, and the whole process of getting out and away from a dangerous situation no matter what that situation may be. Together Jorge and I have put together a program that more than quadruples the information and skill taught in previous classes and together we will bring the student to the highest level of competence and confidence he or she can dream possible. Below you will find the description of Jorge's Escape Class:


MARCH 2015

As part of the 2014 emphasis on scout skills, Tom has asked Jorge to take his real world experience living in South America and apply it to a class to test the scout skills. In this class, we will simulate the rapid decline in infrastructure. Will you have the skills to get you and your loved ones out of harm’s way?

Through a maze of situations, you will be tested. The shock and rawness of disaster will be everywhere. You are surrounded by thousands in the same situation. How will you react, and how will you react to others who will not react? What happens when they take your supplies, and use force to get what they want?

In the 1970’s, Jorge joined the law enforcement community in South America. At that time, South America was targeted by the communists to open new fronts against the west. Fresh out of the academy, Jorge found himself in the middle of a guerrilla war. His training in enemy tactics allowed him to stay alive.

In 1994, an earthquake hit Los Angeles. Jorge witnessed first-hand, the riots and chaos. “I know the feeling of losing a city in a matter of minutes and it took 5 days to reestablish control.” So, how will you react when looters are running wild in the street and mayhem is all around?

In this scenario, you will transition from the city streets back to wilderness. Pressure will be applied at every step along the ways. Ambushes will be at every step, and we will take the time to teach you how to engage and disengage when caught. You will learn how to eat on the run, how to guide your family and friends with no experience to safety, by choosing the proper equipment and having it ready. You will learn skills that could save your life.

This is not your typical Tracker class. You will be living the scenario, with all its physical demands and emotional strain. If this class if for you, then we encourage you to register soon. Due to the amount of preparation required for this class, we will not run it again soon.

Prerequiste: Scout

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