".... Whatever is spiritually manifest becomes physically manifest, provided it is empowered...."

Grandfather - 1958

Dirt Time


This Tracking Workshop will be conducted by Bill Marple and is designed for beginning to intermediate trackers. Students can expect to study areas such as track identification and interpretation, gait patterns, pressure release study, and animal habits and sign tracking, as we explore these different areas and relate them to each other. This class is designed to unravel many of the tracking lectures delivered in the Tracker School Standard class so that students will be able to put them to use in a powerful way in their own Journey in Tracking. The name "Dirt Time" is appropriate for this class, as students can expect to push their edges in both focus and concentration. Whether you have already begun to delve into tracking or are just beginning, this class will open up walls for you, and help you to develop the capacity to track on your own.
Prerequiste: Standard

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