".... Awareness is a Power, a Place, a State of Being and a Consciousness -
Most of all it is a Sacred Temple...."

Grandfather - 1962

Personal Sweatlodge Workshop with Tom Frank


The personal sweatlodge class will focus on the building and use of a personal sweatlodge. This is a lodge used for personal healing, and questing. Tom Frank will show you how to build this lodge and its uses. Be prepared to work on your personal issues on a very intense and deep level, for this is what the personal lodge brings to the surface. "This is the jackhammer approach to spirituality" and if you are ready to open yourself to the oneness and what separates you from it, this is the workshop for you. Stalking Wolf used the personal sweat through out the years with Tom Brown. The personal sweat was always used when Grandfather wanted Tom to clarify his personal issues. "The personal sweat lodge was a favorite of Grandfathers", I have imparted its teaching to very few people over the years. For those of you who do not know Tom Frank, he has been a student and visiting instructor at the Tracker School for over 15 years. He has run thousands of sweatlodges. He and his wife Darna live in Las Vegas with their daughters and grandchildren. Tom is truly the keeper of the lodge.
Prerequiste: Standard , Philosophy 1

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