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TSFI CA Tracking Workshop


This Tracking Workshop will be conducted by Tracker Search and Forensic Investigation instructors at the Point Reyes National Seashore in California and is designed for beginning to

intermediate trackers. Students can expect to study areas such as track identification and interpretation, gait patterns, animal habits, sign tracking and many others as we explore Point Reyes National Seashore in search of Tule Elk, Sea Otters, Black-Tailed Deer, Mountain Lion, Coyote, and other wildlife in this truly abundant area. Whether you have never tracked before or are interested in refining your experiences, our goal is to acquaint you with the skills you need to become more proficient when tracking on your own.

Course Fees

The fee for this course is $350 for Friday through Sunday including

food, camping and instruction. Please note, there is no prerequisite

for this course and it is open to the public.
Prerequiste: None

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