".... Whatever is spiritually manifest becomes physically manifest, provided it is empowered...."

Grandfather - 1958

Throwing Arts 1



Course Outline

"In a pure survival situation, the throwing arts will be your most basic, yet primary means to a successful hunt. You need to be good at throwing to be a good survivalist…" ~Tommy Brown

Since the beginning of time, man has honed the skill of the throwing stick, and later knives, tomahawks, and axes to feed his family, build homes, and develop successful communities. And T3, who is renowned for his skill with, and passion for, the throwing arts will help students to understand and explore the beauty and dynamic nature of this amazing primitive skill!

Work with Tommy to discover what makes the most effective tools as well as how to work in both the physical and the spiritual realms to bring your throwing prowess to the next level. Work one-on-one to maximize your ability to as you use one of man”s oldest and most efficient hunting weapons.

By the end of class you”ll learn how to be a more instinctive thrower with a better understanding of how the throwing arts apply to primitive living.
Prerequiste: Standard

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