"To touch is to know"
"To touch is to understand"
"To touch is to live"
"To touch is to be"
"To touch is to heal"

Grandfather - 1958-1965

Tomahawk Extravaganza!



Course Outline

While it’s technically not a primitive weapon, the tomahawk holds a special place in the heart of any true throwing arts practitioner.

During this three-day class with T3, students will experiment with new throwing techniques and explore the ins & outs of the tomahawk and various other full size axes. Participants should bring at least 2 cold steel Frontier Tomahawks to class.

Dates: Thursday – Saturday July 25, 26, 27, 2008

Student Limit: 14

Course Prerequisites Standard

Class is held at the Tracker Primitive Camp

Cost: $200
Prerequiste: Standard

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