"To touch is to know"
"To touch is to understand"
"To touch is to live"
"To touch is to be"
"To touch is to heal"

Grandfather - 1958-1965

The Way of the Coyote Through Story


I’ve been looking forward to doing a class like this for a long time. Basically, I’m going to use the stories that Grandfather told me that led to some of the most profound teachings I’d ever had. The teaching stories reach back to the Ancient Elders and they are one of the most intense learning experiences I ever had. Rick and I loved it when Grandfather would Bless us with a teaching story. In the way of the Coyote the stories contained layer after layer of deeper meanings. Still to this day I’m still learning from those stories and I know that there is so much more hidden in those stories. I want to pass these teaching stories on to you so that you can use them to teach family and close friends. This class is going to be really intense and I know that you will be blown away by the intense magnitude that these stories hold. Open to anyone who has taken a Tracker Class.
Prerequiste: None

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