"If you believe everything I'm telling you is true, then you are a fool."

Tom Brown, Jr. - 2010

Inner Vision Directed


Yes, you read it right. I’ve wanted to run a class like this for a very long time and since we are getting close to our physical classes this spring and summer, I wanted to fit this class in. As most of you know we rarely run online classes during the spring and summer months because our focus shifts to the physical classes. I want to leave the decision up to you as to whether to take this online class or not. All I can say about it is that half of the class will be absolutely new teachings and skills and the other half will be dedicated to a major question and answer session. I’ll tell you one thing for sure and that this class will blow you away. The teachings are going to be very intense covering areas I’ve never taught before.

Open to anyone who has had either a Tracker physical class or online.

Prerequiste: None

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