".... The Sacred State of Awareness is not something to live part of the time or when need dictates....
Awareness is a way of life, a Philosophy unto itself, and must be lived Always...."

Grandfather - 1962

Beyond Awareness


. In all levels of my classes, from the Philosophy series, to the Temples of the Soul, to the most Advanced Scout, these awareness skills, teachings and techniques will really take you so much deeper into the art, science and philosophy that will bring you to the level of Grandfather and the Elder Lineage. Again, I’ve never been able to teach these skills because of time constraints but now more than ever these Awareness skills are more than needed.

I will be getting into areas from the start, that will immediately give you results. No dirt time, no practice, but just immediate and effective results that you will easily embrace, master and live. It will definitely change your way of life, and living in so many ways both in pathless wilderness and the wilderness of society. I am so thrilled, that for the first time I can unlock these teachings for you no matter what level you’ve reached at the Tracker School they will stun you. There is just so much information packed into this class that we will definitely run overtime so make adjustments in your schedule.

Prerequiste: None

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