".... Everyone and everything are my teachers...."

Grandfather - 1959

The HIdden Secrets And Powers Of The Scout


This is going to be a very unique and intense class in so many ways. First and of most importance, I will be teaching skills and applications that I’ve never even remotely taught before. This class gets deep into the psychic of the Ancient Scout, along with the intense and detailed skills that go with it. No matter if you are a seasoned Shadow Scout or just want to eventually live the Scout experience, this class will take you up and beyond your wild expectations.

The class will be a mix of the physical skills along with some of the more intense spiritual skills, but the main focus will be on the physical application of these skills. The setup and back drop for the class will be jaw dropping and I have chosen very unique areas that will help me demonstrate the physical skills in a very powerful way. From the start of the class to the ending you will be amazed and inspired by the teachings.

I’m also going to strongly include the things you can practice at home that will make you a far better Scout. As I’ve often said, “the game is always on” and through that approach, I will teach you to push your skills beyond what you thought was humanly impossible.

Prerequiste: Scout

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