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Grandfather - 1958

The Making And Creation Of Sacred Objects


This class is going to be very unique in so many ways. Again, these are the skills that I have not been able to teach during any class, because of time constraints and the format of the physical classes just won’t allow. This class will deal with making sacred objects such as alters, bead-work, Parfleche, and medicine bags, medicine bundles, painting and pictographs, hidden ceremonies, dances, mythology and so many other skills that will be lost to the future if they are not passed down to you. The interesting thing about this class is that I will be able to get into great detail with the many stories behind these Sacred Skills and how they were used in the everyday life of Grandfather’s people. I will also illustrate how these skills were used to teach the young children in which the skill and sacred objects would help form the strong conviction and dedication to their lives and the lives of the Clan. It’s certainly going to be a very interesting class. I’m really excited because I get to pass this down to you. No matter if you join us in the primitive camp or view the class online at home, you’ll be creating some great masterpieces and sacred objects that will become part of your life and the way you see and live life.
Prerequiste: None

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