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Grandfather - 1968



This is going to be a very unique and very intense class that deals with one of the most difficult and misunderstood of all the survival skills. The class will be an in-depth study into all aspects of the trapping world of Grandfather and his people. We will discuss and show trap location, mapping, baiting and baiting techniques, advanced traps that I’ve never taught to a class before as well as the countless other little details and teachings that are so often overlooked. During the class we will be actually setting up traps but no animal will be harmed or injured. The snares that we will show, use and set up, will be of the breakaway type where the animal springs the snare but the snare breaks away without harming the animal. With the deadfall traps we will also make them non-lethal in that the deadfall will be sprung but the stakes that are hammered into the ground will prevent the deadfall from hitting the ground. There is just so much detail and skill that goes into traps and trapping that I felt that it would lend itself well to the Intensive teachings. The folks that opt to take the class at home via live online can set the traps up at home in the same way that we do during the physical class. Most of the information and teachings in tis class will be new to everyone no matter what level of skill you have. It’s going to be a fun class and you folks who took the online Skills class will remember the fun we had during that class and this one will be even more fun and exciting.
Prerequiste: None

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