".... And your heart becomes the bridge, the doorway, the light...."

Grandfather - 1968



I often ask classes to imagine what would happen if all electric power suddenly failed due to the oncoming collapse. In other words, there would be no phone service, no computers or internet and all modern communication would be shut down. How would you contact your family and closest friends? How would you contact members of the Tracker Family? This is a strongly possible future and so many of you have asked for a class on communication when all modern electronics fail.

This is the class that many of you have asked for. It focuses on communication when you are not in physical contact with those you hold dearest. It is also a gateway to the gathering of the Keepers and Tracker Family as to where to go, when to go and the general meeting places. This class pushes far beyond what you already know about Spiritual communication and gets into the many ways that we can communicate beyond words. It will be an absolutely intense class, a real eye opener for even the most seasoned of Tracker students.

Open to anyone who has had a Tracker Class either physical or online.

Prerequiste: None

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