".... Everyone and everything are my teachers...."

Grandfather - 1959

Deep Surrender


To open up and expand on your wisdom further I’m going to teach you a deeper and more expansive form of Surrender. You’ll find that the Surrender that you’ve been doing gets you by with most exercises both physical and spiritual but there is another form of Surrender that most folks aren’t familiar with and that is Deep Surrender. Given the foundations of teaching that Grandfather passed on; the Silence, the Surrender, The Inner Vision and Empowering Vision are the work horses of all that we do. This is why I’ve decided more than a year ago to start pushing classes harder and in doing so everyone has a very strong background, skill and the Wisdom need to face this uncertain world of coming collapse.

Again, the only prerequisite for this class is that you’ve taken any Tracker Class either physical or online.

Prerequiste: None

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