".... The power of prayer is unlocked by envisioned words of feeling from the sacred temples heart ...."

Grandfather - 1967

Way of the Shaman 1


Tom first began designing this class many years ago, with the hope that some day he would be able to run it. From the start he knew that in order to cover, and do justice to, all of the advanced material he had planned, this class would never fit into the standard Tracker School 7 day format. Such is the depth and scope of teaching that he wants to cover, this is one of the few classes that will be run over a 10 day period. As well, in order to have the skill level in his students that will allow Tom to go into areas that he has never before even hinted at, this class will be open only to Philosophy 4 graduates, and above.

This higher level class will delve into the life and philosophy of Grandfather as a Shaman, a Healer, and a Prophet. While it will cover the way of life, the discipline, that Grandfather followed religiously every day, it will not be a repeat of teachings offered in the Grandfather or Way of Grandfather classes — far from it! Here, we will focus on the Shaman; the ritual, the lifestyle, the decisions, the healings, and all those things that each of us, as healers of the Earth, can easily integrate into our own daily lives. All of those things that will bring you to a higher level of consciousness, where you will become acutely aware of all around you that needs your spiritual attention.
Prerequiste: Philosophy 4

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