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Grandfather - 1968

Temples of the Soul IV


I’ve just finished writing up the Temples IV and I’m nearly finished writing the Temples V classes. Since the Temples III class was such a huge success and you folks not only embraced and ultimately nearly mastered the teachings, but I have also decided to pull out all stops and restrictions in the writing of the Temples IV class. It is going to be amazing in that I’m really going to push the limits far and beyond what I had originally planned over a year ago.

I’m going to take you into areas of Grandfather’s teaching that didn’t happen until I was in my mid to late teens and that is a bold statement. You’ll notice that most of the quotes I write up or talk about rarely exceeds the 1963 or 1964 dates when I was 13 and 14 years old. This class will start with quotes from 1966 and go well beyond. I don’t care how many tracker classes you have graduated; nothing will thrill and enlighten you like the Temples IV and in the late spring the Temples V.

NOTE: Temples IV will only be open to all of you who have taken the Temples online classes I, II & III. I can’t make any exceptions for the teachings are far too advanced.

Prerequiste: Temples of the Soul III

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