"If you believe everything I'm telling you is true, then you are a fool."

Tom Brown, Jr. - 2010

The Way Of The Spirit And The Physical Skills


I’ve often said, especially during the Advanced Standard class and it also holds true for the Advanced Tracking & Awareness class, that if you take two people that possess the same knowledge and strength where one approaches a survival situation physically and the other Spiritually, the one who approaches physically will know nothing but struggle where the other will know the Garden of Eden. It is sad that given the time constraints of these two classes, that I can only give a brief overview of the Spiritual approach to all that we do in Survival, Tracking, Movement and Stalking and every other skill imaginable. With the Wisdom of the Way of the Spirit, you will be able to survive with ease, track faster than you ‘ve ever imagined and become more aware than you have ever been before.

In this class I’ll teach you the lessons that Grandfather taught me about how to integrate the Wisdom and Guidance of the Spirit World in all that you do. I will approach each skill as a before and after type of teaching. I will take a skill that you are struggling with or not very good at doing, teach you the Spiritual approach and then have you do the skill again and the results will amaze you as they amazed me so long ago.

Prerequiste: None

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