".... And your heart becomes the bridge, the doorway, the light...."

Grandfather - 1968

The Ways Of The Vision Quest


In this class I want to teach you the Ways and Powers of the Vision Quest. It is not going to be a repeat for anyone who has had a Vision Quest or several Vision Quests but an entirely new look at the many forms that a Vision Quest can take. I want to teach the various levels of the Quest, the preparation, the execution and finally the correct way to integrate the wisdom given in the Quest into your everyday life. This class will go beyond the Quest Protector and the 7 levels of the Quest and into an entirely new arena of teaching. I want to fully discuss the importance of Sign and Omen, the language of the Quest and the subtle nuances that occur during the Quest that even the more experienced Quester often miss.

In Grandfather’s teachings there were actually 21 levels of the Quest each coming in various stages of your life. The first phase of the Quest begins with the new Quester and then as the Quester grows older and wiser the second phase comes into play followed by the final phase when the Quester reaches older age. Each phase of the 7 levels builds on the one before where the phase, the Journet, takes you through the classic Vision given by the Creator to wisdom and knowledge of things you were never taught. Spiritual encounters during the Quest can be greatly precipitated depending on what the Quester is seeking and why. You’ll also find that the Way of the Quest is a lifelong Journey that no matter where you begin your Wisdom will increase along with the powers of your overall Vision.

Needless to say, that this class is going to be very intense and enlightening in so many ways. Even those who have taken a Quest or several Quests will learn volumes from the experience given in this class. Ironically even if you don’t intend to Quest, you’ll still learn from the process, the meaning and the gift of the Vision. As an Elder you can then pass it on to those who hunger for direction in their lives and seek a higher level of existence. All the teachings will be new and expansive to say the very least and you will revel in the insights that this class will give you.

Prerequiste: None

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