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Grandfather - 1961

Temples of The Soul II


As I announced in the December online Temples Class I will be holding the Temples II class coming up in February. This class will only be open to those who graduated the December Temples online class and I can make no exceptions. The information and teaching contained in the Temples II class is far too advanced and unless you’ve had the most recent Temples class you would be hopelessly lost. I’m so excited for this class because now that you’ve had time to review the information and teachings of the Temples online class and had several weeks of practice, I can really push the limits and in some cases hopefully go way over the top. I really hope that all of you graduates can attend this one because this has really been an unusually dedicated and enlightened group of people and I don’t want to lose the momentum and sense of family that was created in the Temples online class.

The class will follow the usual weekend online format where we will meet on Saturday and again on Sunday from 1:00 to 6:00 pm. EST but plan for the class to go way over the usual schedule. There is just so much that I want to get across so leave the ending time a bit open ended.

Prerequiste: None

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