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Grandfather - 1968

The Temples of The Soul


When I first began to teach the Temples of the Soul class only a few years ago, I had no idea as to what a student could grasp, understand and embrace. Certainly, Grandfather had much to do with the outline of the overall class but I tend to err on the side of caution and not attempt to push the edge of the envelope. Now over the past few years, I have a far better grasp on what people can fully understand and ultimately live, and in doing so I have rewritten the entire Temples of the Soul Class. Even those folks who have had the past Temples of the Soul classes won’t recognize it for it has gone well beyond those first early sessions and into the higher realms of wisdom. This class is going to be a must for anyone who has taken the Philosophy Workshops or the early Temples of the Soul classes but it doesn’t require a prerequisite of those classes to enroll.

Remember that the first several years with Grandfather and his teaching, that he led us outward towards the Way of the Spirit but as I approached my teen years, he began to lead us inward to the Temples of the Soul. Finally, in the latter years, he began to integrate them into one huge and often overwhelming source of wisdom. That is also my plan for this upcoming Temples of the Soul class. To be blunt, this class will blow you away and that includes the instructors and Elders here at the Tracker School. At least 90% of the teachings are new and have never been taught before and for me this is going to be an epic challenge to get it all across. This will move you, change you, inspire you and awaken you like never before.

Prerequiste: None

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